Three Puppies Found Alive in Italian Hotel Avalanche

By: Nathan Grant

When an Italian hotel ended up snow covered after an avalanche, three sheepdog puppies were found in the wreckage. Despite being trapped for five days in the rubble, the puppies were brought to safety.

Image Credits: Facebook (Hotel Rigopiano)

The avalanche had been triggered by a series of earthquakes in the area. Five days after the avalanche, searchers came across the puppies in the Rigopiano Hotel's boiler room. This was a moment of hope, as twenty guests at the hotel have gone missing after the avalanche occurred, and seven have died.

The litter of puppies found had been born at the beginning of December, and were the offspring of dogs Nuvola and Lupo. The sheepdogs all lived at the hotel.

Lupo and Nuvola made their way out of the hotel alive, and are soon to be reunited with their located puppies. There is hope that the hotel's missing owner will soon be found as well as the missing guests. These puppies bring a new hope to the situation.

(h/t Nirvana News)


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