Lost Pit Bull Kindly Asks for Help by Jumping into a Cop Car

By: Nathan Grant

The clever pup knows just who to ask for help.

This smart pit bull decided to take matters into her own hands when she was separated from her family in Walnut Creek, California.

It’s Important to Know How to Ask For Help

She spotted a nearby police car and hopped on in!

In a Facebook post, the Walnut Creek Police Department shared the story and some adorable photos, “Tonight at around 5:45 p.m., this little girl knew she was in trouble and took it upon herself to jump into one of our parked patrol cars and let Officer Akers know she was lost.”

Source: Walnut Creek Police

Officer Akers knew that he needed to take this sweet thing to the local shelter so that her family could easily find her.

On the way to the shelter, “She fell asleep in Officer Akers’ lap and napped the entire ride to Contra Costa Animal Services,” the police department wrote, adding: “She is well trained, can sit, stay and lay down.”

Funny enough, the good-natured lady even had painted nails!

Source: Walnut Creek Police

When they arrived at the shelter, the sweet thing was scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately, she did not have one.

Despite not having her happy reunion yet, “She repaid Officer Akers with a kiss on the cheek for his efforts in finding her family.”

Awaiting Her Family

The loving gal was to remain at the shelter until her family came for her. In the meantime, the Walnut Creek Police Department continued to update its Facebook followers.

Source: Walnut Creek Police

After just a few days, the police department was happy to report that the lovely pup was returned to her family!

Aren’t reunion stories the best? We think that this story is especially inspiring as it shows just how good-natured all breeds can be. Make sure to share!

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