Two Dogs Can’t Help But To Eat Mail Lady’s Lunch Then Write Her This Note

By: Nathan Grant

It was a normal delivery day for this mail lady until she met these mischievous pups! Notes were exchanged and the rest the internet just can't stop talking about...

Carol Jordan adopted Bear and Bull, two black Lab mixes, about six years ago. The brothers sure enjoy causing trouble. Some of their favorite naughty activities include (but are not limited to): pulling down drain pipes, chewing up doorjambs, digging holes in the yard, and destroying a total of three different lawn mowers.

Of course, Carol scolds them for their behavior but quickly forgives them for all the havoc they cause.

Carol told The Dodo, “They just can’t help themselves. We never catch them in the act, we just see the destruction afterward.”

Source: Carol Jordan

Special Delivery

Bear and Bull also like to share their antics with the world.

When a FedEx driver pulled up to drop off a package, Bear and Bull couldn’t resist hopping into the truck.

In an interview with The Dodo, Carol explained, “Our FedEx delivery man told us that he came up to deliver and he left his door open. The boys jumped in and one sat ready to drive and the other ready to be a passenger in the front seat. He kept throwing dog biscuits trying to get them to come out — but they wouldn’t.”

The next time a mail courier visited, the boys took their joke a little too far. When the postal woman returned to her truck, she found the two dogs scarfing down her lunch. Instead of getting angry with the mischievous pair, she left a quick note for Carol, explaining what happened and warning her.

Source: Carol Jordan

The note said: “Hey! I drove up to deliver a package and both of the dogs crawled in my truck. They got into my lunch and ate an egg and some carrots and pumpkin seeds. I don’t know if that will upset their tummies, just FYI!”

Carol was surprised and touched by the gesture.

“It was so nice of her to leave us a note of concern for the dogs that we decided to get her a gift card from the ‘boys’ to make up for them eating her lunch,” Carol said. “I brought the note and card to the post office the following week so they could give it to the carrier.

Source: Carol Jordan

The front of the note read: Thank You + We Are Sorry (with the ‘We Are Sorry’ written in).
The inside of the note went on to say: “Sorry we ate your lunch. Thank you for sharing! Bull & Bear Jordan P.S. Our humans said, ‘Thank you’ for leaving a note. We didn’t like the note. We got in trouble.”

Source: Carol Jordan

In their apology, Bear and Bull also included a gift card to Subway as a repayment for consuming the mail lady’s prepared lunch.

No Regrets

The word about Bear and Bull has spread and local mail courier services have started to close their truck doors when delivering packages. Thankfully, everyone knows Bear and Bull’s antics are just fun and games. We’re pretty sure that mail couriers experience far worse with other dogs on their routes.

Carol believes the brothers “don’t really regret anything they do! They will look guilty for a while, but then it is all fun and games with them again.”

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