Dog Saved After Nine Days Trapped During Italian Earthquake

By: Nathan Grant

Nine days had passed since the earthquake, and an unforeseeable miracle occurred. A golden retriever named Romeo was saved from the wreckage!  His body was completely unharmed by the disaster around him.

To the amazement of firemen that had rescued Romeo, the dog’s body was in fine physical shape. He popped right up and sniffed his surroundings the moment after being located.

Romeo’s family had searched for him for many hours, however they had been unable to locate him. In order to keep themselves safe, they were forced to walk away without poor Romeo.  To no surprise, the family was ecstatic about the return of their lost dog!

Romeo had been fortunate, as a beam had fallen and somehow managed to keep him safe from the disaster around him.

While it may be hard to see the positive aspects within such tragedy, stories like this show that there can be light amongst the darkness!

We can only hope more animals were able to be found in such a massive disaster.

(Video Credit: Time)

(h/t LittleThings)

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