After This Baby Elephant Was Rejected From The Herd, A Dog Becomes Her Best Friend!

By: Nathan Grant

Elephants need community – a herd is their family and it’s essential to stay psychology stable and to survive predators. This baby elephant was rejected from her herd because of a medical condition that nearly took her life. After being taken to the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, the staff quickly began treating her.

But she had some issues at first. She developed a very allergic reaction to the milk. So a home made special formula was needed and given. And thanks to round-the-clock care from the sanctuary staff she began to recover.

But she wasn’t completely energetic and showing happiness. Until they introduced a former service Canine – German Shepherd to her. They quickly became best friends!

Watch this unlikely friendship and amazing story. It’s still unclear what will happen with her, but right now she is happy and well taken care of!

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