See Two Dogs Cuddle Endlessly and Feel Happy for the First Time

By: Nathan Grant

Romeo and Damian, 5-year-old pit bulls, were both rescued by the Nassau County SPCA. 

The two dogs were starving and dehydrated. Their ribs showed through their skin and their bones were bulging out. The dogs were brought directly to veterinary care – something that had clearly been denied for both dogs for their entire lives. 

Image Credit: Nassau County SPCA

When the vet was checking out the dogs, metallic foreign bodies were found in Romeo’s stomach. Clearly, there had been a great amount of trauma experienced by both dogs.

Fortunately, the two dogs did not lose their love through all they suffered. Since being rescued, the dogs seek constant human attention. Romeo and Damian are clearly thankful for all of those that have helped them recover. 

Image Credit: Nassau County SPCA

“They are both incredibly sweet,” Maria Mora, executive director of the Nassau County SPCA, told The Dodo. “Kissing is what they do best. They will need a little training, though, as they need to work on their manners.” 

Aside from the bond with humans, the two dogs have a serious bond with each other! The two are always touching and cuddling up with each other. 

Image Credit: Nassau County SPCA

“They will be up for adoption once they are medically cleared, which we expect to be any day now,” said Mora. 

No matter what they have been through, Romeo and Damian know they have each other. Because of their bond and the kindness of rescuers. the two dogs can go on to live happy lives full of love and comfort. 

Image Credit: Nassau County SPCA

If you are interested in adopting Romeo and Damian, check out the NCSPCA website! 

Source: The Dodo


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