Beagle’s Life Was on the Line Because He Refused to Hunt

By: Nathan Grant

He was born to cuddle - not to hunt

A woman in Ohio overheard a man discussing his hunting dog. The man said that he would have to kill his Beagle because the young dog refused to hunt.

Stepping In

The woman interrupted the man and asked if she would be able to find the Beagle a suitable rescue home. The man agreed, and she went to work.

First, she called her mother who is active in the rescue world. Her mother put together a Facebook post about the poor Beagle.

Sure enough, the founder of HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary, Schenley Hutson Kirk, replied to the Facebook post and said she would be willing to take the young Beagle in.

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk

The young woman went to the man’s house to retrieve the Beagle and was appalled at his living conditions. The poor dog was living outside in a blue barrel filled with straw. Later named Jeffrey, the Beagle was scared and suffering from a severe flea allergy. Nevertheless, he was so loving toward his rescuer.

Hound Rescue and Sanctuary took him in and had him checked out by a vet. Besides his flea allergy, this 14-month-old pup was in good health!

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk

A Second Chance

Jeffrey was placed in a foster home where he continued to show humans his sweet, loving nature.

“Loud sounds scare him — he had obviously never been in a home before — so just the sound of the coffee pot brewing or the sound of a toaster, sounds he’d never heard before, he has some fear of,” Kirk told The Dodo. “He’s coming out of his shell, though — he’s very playful. He’s the sweetest little thing you’ll ever meet.”

Jeffrey is living his best life now. He loves playing with other dogs and with his toys.

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk

“Jeffrey adores his stuffed toy and takes it with him everywhere he goes,” Kirk said. “It is sad to think that this is the first toy he has ever had. He never even knew what a toy was until now.”

It’s so wonderful to know that this sweet pup was saved from death just because he didn’t want to hunt. He is now being prepared for finding a forever home of his own where he will get all the snuggles, toys, and play time. To learn more about Jeffrey and HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary visit

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk

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