A Wheelchair Dog Loves Taking His Blind & Deaf Friend For Walks Outside. Isn’t This Adorable?

By: Nathan Grant

In this video, the little dog in the carriage is Susie. She is blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from smelling the crisp outside air! Her best friend takes her on amazing outdoor adventures, allowing Susie to enjoy life!

As if this is not incredible enough, Susie’s amazing friend is paralyzed in the rear legs and has a wheel chair to compensate. Nothing holds these dogs back!

The dog in the wheel chair loves taking Susie for rides and these two are absolutely precious!


Tuurlijk gaat Susie ook mee.Susie is blind en doof maar geniet van de wind in haar gezichtje.

Posted by Norma Miedema on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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