Kitten Refuses to Eat When Rescued, Until She Meets Lilo the Dog!

By: Nathan Grant

A two-week-old kitten was found in San Jose, California.  The kitten had been alone on the streets, and was fortunately rescued by Thoa Bui.

Unfortunately, no matter what Thoa did, the kitten would not eat…

Until the kitten met Lilo the dog!

They tried taking care of the kitten, but nothing was working. She wouldn't even eat. Then she met Lilo.

Lilo is a Husky that treats the kitten like her own.  The kitten started eating only hours after cuddling Lilo!

Lilo the Husky took her in. Miraculously, the kitten started eating after a couple hours of cuddling.

The pair became inseparable.  They are truly best friends, and they never want to be away from each other!

The two became inseparable. When sleeping, they can't not be touching!

The kitten is grown and is now named Rosie.  After all her time with Lilo, she seems to think she very well might be a Husky too.

Now that Rosie is grown up, she may be having a bit of an identity crisis. ;)

(h/t PawMyGosh)

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