It Was A Normal Wedding Ceremony Before This Dog Made Everyone Laugh!

By: Nathan Grant

What this dog does during his parent’s wedding ceremony will leave you in stitches.

Jayce Conway and his dog, Boone are like two peas and a pod.

“Boone basically goes everywhere that I will go. He would wake up with me at 4:30 in the morning, ride with me to work and then he would ride around on my golf cart with me all day while we managed the golf course,” Jayce shared with the Dodo.

Source: Chris Davis/Good Road Co

After a year and a half of adopting Boone, Jayce starting dating Angie Blumberg from his hometown of Freeburg, Illinois. Jayce and Angie fell in love but had to maintain a long-distance relationship for about five years due to living in different states. Of course, when they did spend time together, Angie and Jayce were always accompanied by Boone.

“Seeing Jayce take care of this dog so well was part of what made me fall in love with him. We’ve been a little family. He’s my bud,” Angie said.

Source: Chris Davis/Good Road Co

As Angie and Jayce begun planning their wedding, which took place in Big Sky, Montana, it was no question of Boone being apart of the big day. As long as his involvement didn’t include the rings…

“I didn’t want to tie any rings on him,” Conway said. “He is very well-behaved, but he cannot resist water, and we got married about 7 feet from the river. So I just kind of had a nightmare about him running in the water with rings tied to his wrist or something. So his only role was to stand there next to us, and pose for pictures.”

Source: Chris Davis/Good Road Co

During the ceremony, Boone laid next to Jayce’s side… but then decided to roll around in the grass.

“It was during the opening prayer …. Boone was on the side of Jayce during the prayer, and he kind of moved forward and laid in front of us, and then decided to roll around in the grass,” Angie said.

Source: Chris Davis/Good Road Co

Even the pastor got a kick out of Boone’s antics.

“He was trying to read the prayer while not laughing out loud. I was trying to keep my composure a little bit, fighting back a smile,” Jayce said.

Because Boonie had gotten a bath the night before, Jayce thinks that why he was rolling around in the grass.

“We bathed him and cleaned him really well the night before, and sometimes dogs just don’t like smelling like fragrant soaps, so they try and mask it. He pulled that same move in the rehearsal also, so I guess we kind of knew it was coming,” Jayce said.

The photo has since gone viral, leaving Jayce and Angie floored at the response. “We intended the entire time to have a very small intimate wedding in the mountains, and now 10 million people have seen pictures of it,” Conway said.

Source: Chris Davis/Good Road Co

Now married, Jayce and Angie will be moving to Alabama… with Boone right by their side.

“We’ll be living in the same state, almost for the first time … and I think we’re really going to enjoy taking Boone for walks together. I think we’re going to do some hiking down there, and do some exploring in a new place,” Angie shared.

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, please always adopt and never shop!

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