After Spending More Than Half an Hour in ‘Blazing Hot’ Car, Dehydrated Dogs are Rescued by York Police

By: Nathan Grant

"There is no excuse for this, I am utterly appalled".

Two Labradors were found left in a hot car for more than half an hour, and York Police officers decided it was time to smash the windows and get them out. When the officers felt the inside of the car, even they were already “struggling to breathe.” In a Twitter post later released by the York Police, they described the incident and exclaimed, “There is no excuse for this, I am utterly appalled”.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

The police referred the incident to the RSPCA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A representative of the RSPCA explained, “The dogs were taken to the vets for treatment for heat exhaustion and now remain in RSPCA care.”


The RSPCA continues to spread the word about the dangers of leaving your pet inside a car while you run errands. Their website has many resources and infographics explaining that a car can become “as hot as an oven very quickly” and temperatures can almost double in no time.

Justice Will Be Served

Thankfully, an investigation has been opened, and the owners will be prosecuted.

If you think someone you know is unaware of the danger of a hot car, spread the word, you could just save a pet’s life!

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