Teeny Tiny Puppy Found in Middle of a Busy Street

By: Nathan Grant

Where Was Her Mother?

Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze were walking along a busy street in Rustavi, a city in the eastern European country, Georgia.

Suddenly, they noticed a very small animal curled up in the road. They approached the animal and realized it was a small puppy. They assumed the puppy was dead but touched her and felt her little, shallow breaths. Nika and Irina volunteer with a rescue group called Animal Friends and knew just what to do.

Source: Animal Friends

The Fragile Puppy is Saved

Of course, they wouldn’t leave her to get hit by a car, so they scooped the poor thing up.

“It was shocking because she was so feeble and doomed to death,” Nika told The Dodo. “She was hungry, thirsty and had a lot of worms … and she was very docile.”

Source: Animal Friends

The puppy appeared to be just 1 month old. There was no way she could survive on her own. Where was her mother?

The pup’s amazing rescuers asked around and learned more of the puppy’s sad story.

Source: Animal Friends

“We were told that the mother of this little puppy was hit by a car,” Nika explained to The Dodo. “We don’t know what happened to her brothers and sisters.”

E.T. is Coming Home

The women decided to take her home to treat her parasites and fatten her up as she only weighed half a pound. Because she was so small and frail, the pup didn’t look like a puppy at all. Her rescuers agreed that she looked like an alien, so they named her E.T.

Day by day, E.T. grew healthier. Within nine months, she had grown four times her size and weight!

Source: Animal Friends

Now, she has a home with a fellow member of the Animal Friends organization and lives the perfect dog life!

Nika visits E.T. often and says that although she helps many stray dogs every year, E.T. will always have a special place in her heart.

Source: Animal Friends

Nika told The Dodo, “The most uplifting and emotional thing about this rescue was her transformation from faint and poor puppy to a happy dog.”

To learn more about amazing rescues like E.T.’s, visit Animal Friends’ Facebook page and be sure to donate!

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