Dog Afraid of Rain Until Mom Makes This Adorable Puppy Raincoat

By: Nathan Grant

When the rain tries to slow this puppy down, his mom comes up with the perfect solution.

Odie, a puppy only a few months old, found his forever home in Seattle very quickly.

Everything was going well until he encountered something he did not like – the rain.

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

“I got him in the summer so as soon as we hit the rainy fall it became clear he was not a fan,” Stephanie Lennon, Odie’s mom, told The Dodo. “He will take a few steps out the door and come running back in if it’s really coming down.”

Odie had a skin condition since he was first adopted by Lennie, and because of this he needed to wear a jacket to keep him warm. He came to feel safer in his hoodie.

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

That’s when Lennon realized just what Odie needed to embrace the rainy weather… A raincoat!

“My mom found the raincoat on Amazon and sent it to me immediately,” Lennon said. “It was just too cute to pass up!”

Odie fell in love with his rubber ducky jacket right from the start. Lennon was happy to find getting the jacket was the perfect choice to help Odie feel comfortable in the rain! Another perk? He looks ADORABLE in his raincoat!

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

“He isn’t great about keeping the hood on but he does seem to appreciate staying more dry overall,” Lennon said.

Odie has come to love clothes, and so he has a collection of at-home attire. His raincoat is a little too long to wear all the time.

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

He even has a unicorn costume!

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

While Seattle sees a lot of rain, Odie can now feel prepared for anything in his rubber ducky jacket.

Image Credit: Stephanie Lennon

Check out Odie on his Instagram page.

Source: The Dodo


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