Man Designs Custom Kayak To Enjoy His Favorite Hobby With His Dogs

By: Nathan Grant

There’s nothing quite like taking a trip out on the water. Anyone who’s been on a boat, canoe, or kayak will tell you the same thing. The fun of floating around out there is what keeps so many people coming back to rivers, lakes, and the ocean. David Bahnson is himself a huge fan of kayaking. In recent years he’s had significantly more time to spend on the water, as he retired from his career as an orthopedic surgeon.

Image Credit: Linda Bahnson

With all that extra time, David has come up with some extra ideas. The kind of ideas that David managed to pack into his kayak for all sorts of adventures were super-friendly and all-around covered with fur. You guessed it, David started bringing his dogs along for his journeys! He first decided to take his dog for a ride when he was out on the water and staring at the compartment in his kayak meant for holding luggage.

Because David never went out on multiple-day trips, he never had any luggage to bring with him. So, David decided to take his dog, Susie, out for a ride. First he built a special ring around the compartment that would help to keep Susie tucked safely into the kayak.

Then he loaded her up and off they went. Susie took to the seafaring lifestyle right away, and she frequently wanted to go back out on the water with David. The two had some good times and great adventures, but not long after Susie started joining David on his water trips, the retiree and his wife added another dog to the family.

Image Credit: Linda Bahnson

This girl, who they named Ginger, wanted to fit in with the family, and David knew that fitting in really meant fitting into his kayak. It was a short job — David cut another hole into his small ship, and now it’s a three-seater.

Image Credit: Linda Bahnson

David says that the two added seats don’t have much in the way of leg room, but that’s just fine as his dogs don’t really have all that much in the way of legs. With this set-up complete, David started to train the dogs.

Image Credit: Linda Bahnson

Both of them can swim incredibly well (just in case the boat ever tips over when it’s out from land), but even more amazing than that is that they can get loaded into the kayak all by themselves! Both dogs took to David’s special training right away because both are so fond of going out on these trips with him.

Image Credit: Linda Bahnson

And it’s certainly obvious that David enjoys having them along for the ride, too. Just look at these three all snug in the ship! Of course, all adventures must come to an end, and after years of travel, both Susie and Ginger have passed away. But that doesn’t keep David and the newest additions to his family away from the water! Share away, people!

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