Dog That Loves Santa Toy Finally Meets Santa Claus

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credits:John @jjmontaldo

Kya is a 1-year-old Shiba Inu that has been obsessed with her Santa Claus toy since she first received it last year. This holiday season, Kya was surprised and amazed when she met Santa Claus in real life!

Image Credits:John @jjmontaldo

Kya's owners, siblings John and Angelina Montaldo, found out about their local Orlando mall holding pet photos with Santa - and they knew Kya had to go!

Image Credits:John @jjmontaldo

John Montaldo told ABC News, “Last year we got her [this toy] at the dollar store when we first got her,” and went on to explain, “She just always liked that one and bit his beard and stuff.”

Image Credits:John @jjmontaldo

Because John and Angelina knew how much Kya loved her Santa toy, they figured Kya would absolutely adore meeting Santa Claus in person

....And boy were they right!

The precious photo of Kya's pure excitement was posted on Twitter. Very quickly, the photo went viral. As you can see, the tweet has over 88,000 retweets and nearly 150,000 likes (and counting!).

(h/t Good Morning America)

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