Man Drives Across The Country in RV to Adopt Spectacular Disabled Dog

By: Nathan Grant

Jim Havlinek was a dad of two loving dogs and had no intention of bringing in new pups...until he met Nubz.

When Havlinek saw Nubz on Facebook, everything changed. Nubz had been a rescue dog from a Missouri puppy mill, where he lost his rear paws.


A video was posted of Nubz working to overcome his condition with physical therapy. After seeing this, Havlinek had to apply to adopt him.

Havlinek’s application was approved, and it was time to head to Nubz! He got into his RV and drove 2,800 miles – from Oregon all the way to Pennsylvania.


Nubz was the only dog in his litter to survive the puppy mill from which he was rescued. His paw loss was caused by his mother chewing off his rear paws, a reaction caused from the stress of the conditions and a difficulty with understanding what it meant to be a mom.


“Puppy mills typically have a lot of caged animals. They don’t have a lot of access to moving around,” Laura Magruder, Nubz’s veterinarian at Evergreen Veterinary Hospital in Salem, told “We don’t know if it was the extra stress of the puppy mill or maybe she just wasn’t ready to be a mom, but she ended up taking it out on her puppies, unfortunately.”

Nubz was very carefully attended to thanks to his rescuers, the veterinary staff involved, and the foster mom that cared for him until he was adopted. Nubz was finally ready to move on to the new chapter in his life with his new forever home.


Now at 10-months-old, Nubz is living a healthy life full of happiness! Havlinek is doing everything in his power to give him the best possible life – including providing pricy hydrotherapy and paying $3,000 for Nubz to get custom prosthetics.


While having a disabled dog can be an expense, it is worth every penny. Havlinek feels joy seeing Nubz running and playing the same way any other dog can. He hopes that he can train Nubz to become a therapy dog for wounded veterans as well, so his story can help others in need!


“Take him in for guys who’ve got amputations and stuff, and take him in to show you-you’re not alone,” Havlinek said.

 Source: KGW


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