This Young Girl Had A Terrible Fear Of Dogs, Until One Day This Dog Changed Her Life.

By: Nathan Grant

In this brilliant ad, a young girl has an extreme phobia of dogs. Her fear stems from early childhood experiences. Each day she passes a barking dog and her fear sets in, despite the lady telling her that the dog won’t harm her.


Then one day, everything changed. She walked by the same house with the barking dog, but this time the dog was in distress.


The dog’s owner had passed away. This really hit the young lady hard seeing the dog so sad. Reality set in and she decided to help the dog after seeing it was in need of love and care.


The two became best friends. And her phobia of dogs began to disappear.


The dog was her family now. Because of her bond with the dog, she learns how to be a veterinarian and to help other dogs and animals in need.

But the story gets sadly interrupted when her best furry friend passes away. She’s obviously devastated by this.


To ensure the dog lives on in spirit and inside of her, she decides to continue helping dogs and animals who need her love and healing hands…


What a bitter sweet story. And one amazing Advertisement! The dog should have won an Oscar!

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