Aleppo Man Remains in Syria to Care for Cats Left Behind

By: Nathan Grant

While many are being forced out of their homes in Syria, pets are getting left behind. One man, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, has decided to save the hundreds of cats being abandoned.

'Cat man of Aleppo' stays in Syria to look after pets left behind
Image Credit: Metro

The country is facing serious civil war and strife, and because of this, cat owners are not given the opportunity to take their beloved pets along due to their fleeing.  Thanks to Mohammad, many people feel less heartbreak knowing their cats have somewhere safe and loving to go.

Image Credit: Metro

Mohammad, originally an electrician, has now been deemed the ‘cat man’ of Aleppo.  Since the country’s conflict began, he began driving ambulances, rescuing people in need, and saving the cats left behind.  The majority of his friends and family have left the area to escape the trouble around them, but Mohammad simply cannot leave behind the loving sanctuary he has created.

Mohammad’s cat sanctuary is home to 100 cats now.  Only five years ago, there were a mere 20 cats.  All strays and pets left behind in Aleppo are safe, loved, and protected by Mohammad.  The cats have become his friends and family through the country’s violent strife.

Mohammad said, “Someone who has mercy in their heart for humans has mercy for every living thing.”

(h/t Metro UK)

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