Orphaned Opossums Get A Second Chance At Life When This Dog Adopts Them.

By: Nathan Grant

After a tragic dog attack in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, four baby opossums were left without a mother.

But thanks to dog trainer, Stephanie Maldonado, these babies have a second chance at life.

Tiny babies needed love and medicine quickly…


Maldonado planned on surrendering the little opossums over to a rescue center that rehabilitates wildlife. But they were too crowded to accept anymore wildlife.

Maldonado knew that without proper care, these opossums may not survive. Maldonado took on the task of caring for these young joeys. Maldonado fed them every 2 hours and kept them comfortable.

She worried she wasn’t giving the opossums the proper motherly attention they needed. That’s when Maldonado’s dog, Prethina, jumped right in and began caring for the baby opossums. Prethina even nursed the orphaned baby opossums!

Prethina even poses for pictures with the opossums, sporting a huge grin. Thanks to Prethina’s care, the tiny opossums began to regain their strength.


Once the opossums regained their strength, they did what any baby opossum does! The tiny babies began climbing up Prethina’s back and hitching a ride! Just look at them!


Although the baby opossums behavior is far from puppy behavior, Prethina doesn’t seem to mind. Prethina gives opossum piggyback rides even during walks.


A month ago these opossum’s were left to die. But thanks to Prethina’s instincts, these once orphaned baby opossums are thriving with a new mommy!

Prethina still cares for the opossums. Once Prethina’s duties have ended Maldonado hopes to release them back into the wild. Giving these once orphaned opossums a chance to live a happy life!


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Posted by Stephanie Maldonado Adestramento de CĂŁes on Friday, January 29, 2016

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Image Credits: Stephanie Maldonado

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