16+ Items Your Dog Secretly Wants From Amazon Prime Day!

By: Nathan Grant

There's something that every Dog will love on this list! Just in time to SAVE for Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching! If you haven’t heard of this fairly new shopping phenomenon, you are in for a real treat. On July 16th, Pet lovers who are Amazon Prime members will be able to shop thousands of products at deeply discounted rates.

When Is Amazon Prime?

The long-awaited prime day arrives July 16th and begins at 3 pm EST. Prime Day will last for 36 hours, but be sure to check out the deals early on as hot ticket items will surely sell out.

P.S. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for their free 30 day trial and reap the benefits of Amazon Prime Day. If you cancel before your 30-day trial is up, you won’t have to pay a dime!

Amazon Prime Deals For Pets

Pet lovers will be sure to find some great deals on pet supplies during Prime Day. Instead of rifling through all the deals the day of, we suggest searching ahead of time for some items you’d be interested in. Make note of those items’ prices and bookmark or save them somewhere so you can refer to them come July 16th!

We suggest looking for new gadgets, toys, and bigger items like crates, cat trees, and beds. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for your pet’s everyday items like poop bags, food, and treats; these could go on sale, and you could save on something you would have needed to purchase anyway!

Of course, if you don’t have time for all that, we’ve compiled a list of the best pet supply deals we’ve found that are set to hit on Prime Day.

Your Guide to the Best Amazon Prime Day Pet Supply Deals (16+ Most Wished For Items)

1. 20% off Handmade Pet Supplies

Handmade pet supplies make the perfect gift for a pet lover! The items in this section are fashionable and fun but created with care and attention to detail.
Among our favorite handmade pet items are these fun prints of pets doing hilarious things! A Corgi on a Velociraptor – yes, please!

2. Petcube Treat Dispensing Camera

Save $20.00!
Watch and interact with your dog while you are away! The Petcube allows you to dispense treats for your pup at the push of a button, so feel free to spoil your dog. This popular pet cam links up to a free app on your mobile phone. It has some wonderful features like sound detection notifications, night vision, and two-way audio. The camera plugs into your nearest outlet and uses Wifi to transmit information to your app; it’s super easy!

3. Outdoor Pet Cot

Keep your pup cool while outdoors with an elevated pet cot. It’s important that whatever your pup lays on while outside is elevated. This ensures they are getting airflow beneath them, keeping them cooler.

This pet cot is made of durable, tear-resistant, and waterproof material. It’s also easy to assemble and easy to move.
You can also buy a shade for your K&H pet cot to make sure your pup doesn’t get too hot or sunburned.

4. Furminator

Save almost $23!
Save your house from unwanted pet hair! The Furminator is the most popular de-shedding tool, and for good reason. The brush’s unique design reaches through the top coat to gently remove the loose undercoat. The quick release button pops the accumulated hair off of the brush for easy disposal.

5. Travel Bowls

If bringing your pooch along on a trip, don’t forget to pack a water and food bowl. Travel bowls are so easy to pack; they easily collapse come with a carabiner for easy attachment. We love these COMSUN bowls because they are eco-friendly, made of 100% food grade silicone.

6. Portable Crate

On the go with your dog? A portable crate can help instill the same rules and boundaries your pooch follows at home. This collapsible soft crate easily folds up and comes with a carrying bag and straps. Three mesh doors allow for breathability and fresh air. Plus, the crate offers a soft, fleece pad for your pooch’s ultimate comfort.

#7. Poop Bags

Save $1!
Now is the time to stock up on the essentials. Think about the things you use for your dog on a daily basis – food, treats, and of course, poop bags!
Poop bags may not be the most exciting purchase, but hey, you probably use them every day! Earth Rated poop bags boast a light lavender scent, fit the standard size leash holder, and are eco-friendly!

8. Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray

Wondercide products are favorite among natural flea and tick prevention and care. Instead of using toxic ingredients commonly found in flea pills and ointments, Wondercide uses 100% natural oils like cedar and lemongrass.
Spray Wondercide directly on your pup to kill fleas and ticks throughout their whole lifecycle. You can also spray this on your pet’s bedding, the couch, the floor, or your car upholstery!

9. Drinking Fountain

Save almost $40!
A drinking fountain is a great way to motivate your pet to drink more water. This PetSafe Multi-Tier fountain holds 100oz of water that flows consistently throughout the system. It comes with replaceable filters to ensure your pet is drinking the cleanest water possible.

10. Slow Feeder Bowl

Save almost $9!
More than just a food bowl, the Outward Hound Interactive Slow Feeder bowls make feeding time fun! If your dog likes to wolf down their food, a slow feeder is a great way to slow their roll. Plus, it gets their brain working; dogs love a good challenge!

11. Car Cover

It can be very annoying when you bring your pup along on a car trip only to find hair and dirt galore all over your car seats. The cover also keeps your dog from venturing toward the front seats, scratching up your center console and distracting you from the important task of driving.
This car cover is easy to install, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck with a dog accessory in your backseat all the time; just pop it up whenever your pup is along for the ride. It’s also super easy to clean. Use a damp cloth and vacuum as needed.

12. Hip & Joint Supplement

Save almost $3!
GlycoFlex Plus is a supplement and delicious treat rolled into one. These soft, duck-flavored chews alleviate joint discomfort in dogs of all ages. Senior dogs love them, but don’t forget about your young pup or adult dog, too! It’s better to be preventative about your pet’s health. Using joint supplements early on can help prevent future injuries and pain.

13. No Hide Chews

Stock up on healthy, safe chews to keep your dog busy, busy, busy. Earth Animal’s No-Hide chews are a safer alternative to rawhide but just as tasty. They are made with real. whole ingredients and are 100% digestible. Plus, Earth Animal offers other delicious flavors and sizes, too!

14. Training Treats

Save almost $4!
The Honest Kitchen is a leader in healthy dog food and treats. Their mission is to create thoughtful, human grade products that your dog will thoroughly enjoy.
The Honest Kitchen’s Cuddles are tiny, grain free biscuits made with – you guessed it – real ingredients that you would even eat! Made with just seven ingredients, Cuddles are naturally low calorie, so they make a wonderful training treat.

15. No Pull Harness

RABBITGOO harnesses are an extremely sturdy, No-Pull option. They are completely adjustable and very easy to put on and take off. The harness offers two leash attachment point options – the back or chest. It is also super comfortable and breathable, so your dog can walk in it all day long!

16. Retractable Leash

Save $15!
TUG Retractable Leashes are so popular for a reason. The 16-foot lead is tangle-free yet extremely durable. The handle is sleek and comfortable in your hand and is even anti-slip! No more fumbling with the lock to real your dog back in; TUG Retractable Leashes have a quick lock and unlock button easily accessible with the push of your thumb. With this button, you can choose between ‘Free,’ ‘Pause,’ ‘Lock,’ and ‘Unlock.’

They also offer two size options – medium and large – to make sure you have the best option for your dog.

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