Two Dog Friends Won’t Let This Park Fence Get In Their Way To Play (PHOTOS)

By: Nathan Grant

Two polar opposite dogs have become the best of friends thanks to their human Moms… and can’t get enough playtime!

Ryker, an energetic German Shepherd, and Bailey, a mellow Golden Retriever have formed an unlikely friendship. Ryker loves meeting new people, while Bailey is much more reserved and takes time to come out of her shell. But together, these two dogs have formed an inseparable friendship.

Ryker and Bailey’s Mom first met when they started following each others Instagram profiles. Then, Bailey’s Mom moved just ten minutes away from Ryker’s Mom in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. And just like that… puppy playdates soon happened!

“When Ryker and Bailey met each other, they had both just turned 1 year old, and still had lots to learn. “Ryker helped bring Bailey out of her shell and become more assertive and playful with other dogs. They’ve brought out the best in each other,” Christine Sauvé, Ryker’s mom shared with The Dodo.

Source: Instagram/rykerthegermanshepherd

The two pups love each other so much that when they see each other at the dog park… they climb underneath the park fence to get to one another!

“[Ryker] cannot contain her excitement when she sees Bailey and is small enough to wedge herself under the [dog park] fence. Then Bailey doesn’t care that the gate’s open and she shoves herself under too! They’re both so funny and are always making us laugh with the silly things they do. Anytime they see each other it’s this level of excitement,” Sauvé said.

Source: Instagram/rykerthegermanshepherd

Bailey’s chill personality has already started rubbing off on her friend Ryker, but despite Ryker’s best efforts, Bailey has remained her easy-going self. “They have quite the fun friendship and balance each other out. Bailey is a calm, people-loving golden with the brightest, drooly smile. She’s one of Ryker’s favorite chew toys!” Sauvé said.

Source: Instagram/brownie_and_bailey

Now over a year into their friendship, Ryker and Bailey remain best pals. They love to play in the snow in the winter…

Source: Instagram/rykerthegermanshepherd

And swim together in the summer…

Adorably, Ryker always has a paw toughing Bailey!

Source: Instagram/brownie_and_bailey

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