More Than 20 French Bulldog Puppies Rescued from 121 Degree Van

By: Nathan Grant

The puppies just experienced a horrific journey...

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 28 French Bulldog puppies were flown as cargo on Turkish Airlines from Kiev, Ukraine to Chicago, Illinois. A man awaited their arrival, intending to sell them in Houston.

Source: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

A Dangerous Journey

When the puppies arrived, the man loaded them into a moving van and began the drive from Chicago to Houston. The puppies were packed in and to make matters worse, the van was un-air-conditioned.

Source: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Thankfully, the van was pulled over in Texarkana by Texas state troopers. The state troopers opened the back of the van to find 27 puppies, packed like sardines and exhausted from the heat. They found that the temperature in the back of the van was 121 degrees. Additionally, the puppies didn’t have access to food or water.

It’s no wonder, then, that 1 puppy had already died during transit.

Source: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

After the rescue, 4 additional puppies died, from conditions likely made worse from their horrible transit.

Source: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

The 23 remaining puppies were flown from Texarkana to Chicago where they were picked up by the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. They are currently undergoing recovery and rehab as many of them suffered greatly from heat exhaustion.

You can donate to the puppies’ recovery here.

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