A Dog’s Outing Leads to a Life of Happiness

By: Nathan Grant

Over the summer, Elmo the pitbull had been abandoned with another dog in a yard. The neighbors had noticed the dogs, and in order to help called Animal Control.  The two dogs were brought to Kansas City. The KC Pet Project took the dogs in, and when they photographed Elmo, he looked very sad!  His face seemed fearful and unhappy.

KC Pet Project

When Elmo came to the shelter, his abandoned friend was quickly adopted within a month. Poor Elmo was still stuck without a home!  He felt sorrow and loneliness quite clearly.

To combat Elmo’s sadness, KC Pet Project took Elmo out for a day of adventure. Needless to say, Elmo loved his outing, and felt more joy than he had in ages!

KC Pet Project

The little adventure Elmo went on was a part of KC Pet Project’s “furlough” program. This program allows dogs in shelters to see the world outside of the shelter for a day or two.

Elmo was able to bask in the sun in a park, meet new friends, walk around, and see historical locations. Even better, Elmo went to a local hair salon and was very excited about his little makeover.

KC Pet Project

When a couple had seen Elmo’s story online, they felt compelled to come see him. Upon meeting him, after a 5 hour drive, the couple knew they wanted to adopt him.

Elmo’s sense of joy has permanently returned!

KC Pet Project

Take a look at  some more happy Elmo photos:

KC Pet ProjectKC Pet Project


(h/t Animal Rescue Site)

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