Senior Dog Has Beautiful and Unique Smile

By: Nathan Grant

8-year-old Zipper came to the shelter after spending her life as a stray.

Zipper is a sweet dog with a unique and beautiful smile, caused by her deformed jaw.

According to those working at the Huntsville Animal Services, Zipper’s smile doesn’t affect her or slow her down. She eats like any other dog, and she loves her treats!

Image Credit: Erin Webb

“The jaw deformity is a mystery to us,” a volunteer at Huntsville Animal Services, Erin Webb, told The Dodo. “We aren’t sure what caused it. She does have a huge underbite and her teeth are spread really far apart.”

Image Credit: Erin Webb

Estimating from the condition of Zipper when she came to the shelter, it seems she was an outside dog for all of her life. She lacked proper care, causing her to have some hair loss from flea allergies.

Image Credit: Erin Webb

After careful observation, it was determined Zipper had given birth multiple times in the past. Her appearance may have been the cause of her being tossed outdoors.

Fortunately, Zipper has a shelter family that loves her and appreciates her special traits.

Image Credit: Erin Webb

Zipper’s beaming smile is as wonderful as her personality.

“She is an elderly dog so she is a calm and gentle girl,” Webb explained. “She seems like she would prefer to cuddle over adventures. She does love going outside with the other dogs and made friends with our other elderly dog, Mr. Mike.”

Image Credit: Erin Webb

Zipper plays well with other dogs, and she would likely be great with children as well. Zipper’s difficult life has not taken away any of her kindness.

Image Credit: Erin Webb

Now Zipper just needs a place to spend her days, with a family that loves her for who she is. If you’re interested, contact Huntsville Animal Services!

Source: The Dodo

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