IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Shelter Stray Dogs From The Bitter Cold

By: Nathan Grant

Italian store gives dogs a home from the cold

IKEA is a terrific place for shopping and now, shoppers in Catina, Italy, can find more than good deals. This store is welcoming stray dogs to warm up during the cold, winter months.

Shoppers have noticed dogs in the store. They have been taking pictures and videos of them and putting them on social media. These dogs are getting quite the attention these days.

IKEA Stray Dog
Source: Instagram gscalone82


IKEA Stray Dog
Source: Beppe Liotta

Most of the pictures on social media feature the dogs sleeping on rugs and enjoying being in a warm and cozy spot.

IKEA Stray Dog
Source: Instagram @dako.photo

Martine Taccia, a regular customer, told the Dodo that “the dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEA’s employees and customers. Some dogs have even found a new family.”

IKEA prides itself on helping out animals in need. They have been partners with the Home For Help in the past and they urge other store owners to help out as much as they can. The winter months can be harsh on animals who do not have a home, so that is why IKEA wants to do as much as they can to help these animals in need.

Source: Instagram @noahromley

We hope that other stores will also take note of this and try to protect animals from the cold and snowy conditions that come during the winter months.

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