Rescued Wolf-Dog Finally Finds Happiness with a New Friend

By: Nathan Grant

Castiel was found as a stray in Los Angeles, California. He had nothing, not even a family or a name.

It was unknown whether Castiel had been a pet at any point. At one-year-old, all that was known when Castiel was found was that he was clearly alone for a long span of time. He was starving, full of parasites, and losing chunks of fur.

At first, rescuers thought Castiel was just a stray dog, but there was more to it. Castiel was a wolf-dog. Because shelters are unable to take in wild animals, rescuers feared that Castiel would end up euthanized by a shelter.
Thanks to the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado, Castiel was given a home. The sanctuary cares for wolves and wolf dogs.
As Castiel arrived at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, it was noticed that he was feeling very scared. Everything was frighteningly new to him. To hide, he cowered in corners.
After a few days, Castiel began to settle into his new surroundings. He grew more comfortable with human attention. Castiel spent lots of time resting, leading the director to notice something interesting.
“The infirmary was located at her house and we noticed him getting really, really interested in other dogs. So we knew he was starting to get lonely for canine companionship and wanted to find a companion for him,” Michelle Proulx told the Dodo.
Once the staff felt Castiel was comfortable enough with his life at the sanctuary, the mission for a friend began.
Staff looked into finding a female wolf-dog that could use a new home at their sanctuary.

“We got a hit almost immediately,” Proulx said. “This is an indicative of the problem that’s out there, that there’s so many of them in need of homes.”

The staff headed to Gray Wolf Wolfdog Rescue in Wisconsin to bring home 3-year-old Tenali. She was a very sweet animal with lots of love to give.

“We thought that would be great for Cas, who needs that friendship. We didn’t want to have him, while he’s not feeling well, feel like he has to defend or protect himself from an animal that isn’t quite a good match,” she continued.
While Castiel was very calm, Tenali was a very energetic wolf-dog. As soon as Tenali was introduced to Castiel, he was a little surprised by her peppy personality and constant attention.
Tenali understood Castiel’s hesitation and tried not to overwhelm him. Once he could see she had no intentions to harm him, Castiel grew comfortable playing with Tenali.​
Now that Castiel had a friend, he began opening up. His personality blossomed!
With each day, the bond between Castiel and Tenali grows. The W.O.L.F. Sanctuary turned Castiel’s life around. If you’re interested in seeing more wolves and wolf-dogs rescued, feel free to donate!

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