Dog Shows All the Love in the World to Injured Owner

By: Nathan Grant

How deeply do dogs care for their owners?

Tony, a very loyal pup, was very upset when he thought he had seen his owner for the last time.

Image Credit: The Dodo

On May 13th, Jesus Hueche, Tony’s owner, took a rough fall. While pruning a tree in Argentina, he fell six feet onto the concrete. His head hit the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Paramedics arrived and found Hueche with Tony right by his side.

He wasn’t going to leave his owner.

Image Credit: The Dodo

The paramedics placed a neck brace on Hueche, and Tony still would not leave his owner.

He was very worried!

Image Credit: The Dodo

When Hueche finally came into consciousness, he let Tony know he was going to be okay. Poor Tony never knew if his owner would wake up at all!

Image Credit: The Dodo

When Hueche was lifted into an ambulance, Tony tried hard to climb inside with his owner. He never wanted to be separated from the person he cares about most.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Thankfully, Hueche’s injuries were not serious and he was able to be released from the hospital after a short period of time. Tony was so happy!

For good reason, Tony and Hueche’s story spread across social media. The bond between dog and owner is a two way street of pure love!

After the incident, Hueche reflected on when he adopted Tony. “One day we saw him on the street and adopted him, gave him love, food and is part of our family,” Hueche told La Brujula 24. “For me he’s like a son.”

Image Credit: La Brujula 24

Hueche loves Tony, and Tony loves his dad!

Sources: The Dodo & La Brujula 24 


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