5+ DIY Snuffle Mats for Dogs (Fido Will LOVE #4)

By: Nathan Grant

Does your dog eat a little too quickly? Can dinner time be a bit of a pain? Or maybe you simply wish to give your dogs a more exciting way to get treats?

DIY snuffle mats for dogs are the perfect solution to all of this.

What exactly is a Snuffle Mat?

With a snuffle mat, your dog gets the chance to work for their food in a relaxing way. If your dog is eating too fast, a snuffle mat can slow things down. If your dog can be stubborn about dinner, a snuffle mat can make dinner time more fun!

In a hurry? Then this Wooly snuffle mat made with recycled materials on Amazon is perfect for you! It’s a good price, too!

How to Make a Snuffle Mat: DIY Snuffle Mats for Dogs

For dogs always looking for a good time, a snuffle mat provides a great puzzle for your dog to sniff in search of hidden treats! See how it works below:

In this post, we are going to share with you some great ways to make your own snuffle mat for your dog!

#1 Easy as 1-2-3: DIY Weaved Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: AllPetsEducationandTraining.com.au

Want to create a simple and inexpensive snuffle mat? This DIY snuffle mat only requires two materials to make and uses an easy weaving pattern that makes for a great finished product. For snuffle mat instructions, check out this site!

#2 Perfect for Color Coordinating: DIY Pet Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

If you are looking to keep your pet’s snuffle mat matching the seasons, this is a great option. There is no need to sacrifice style for ease! Make your own snuffle mat by checking out the instructions here.

#3 Great for Spare Fleece: DIY Knotted Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: AllICareAboutIsMyGermanShepherd.wordpress.com

Have extra fleece hanging around from past projects? This is the perfect opportunity to use it! Because this dog snuffle mat DIY uses knots to make, you won’t notice if fabric strips are different sizes or cut differently. You can also mix up the colors if you have an assortment of fleece! Check out the snuffle mat instructions here.

#4 Easy Materials: DIY Criss-Cross Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: TheHonestKitchen.com

Looking to grab materials from your local store? This DIY design uses a sink mat, rather than a work or door mat. Whether you are looking to get the project done quickly, or it’s a last minute idea, this DIY design allows you to start crafting sooner! Find out how to make a snuffle mat like this here.

#5 Simple to Store: DIY Square Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: thecrazydogmom.wordpress.com

Trying to make a snuffle mat that is easy to tuck away but is still big enough for your dog? This DIY snuffle mat is a perfect square, making it slightly smaller than other options. This design makes for easier storage while stillĀ keeping dogs occupied, big or small! See more about this mat here.

#6 Great for Mental Stimulation: DIY Two-Color Snuffle Mat

Image and Credit: bonniesdogblogni.wordpress.com

If you are trying to make feeding time as interactive as possible, this is a great option. All you need to make this snuffle mat is a fleece blanket and a rubber mat! Check out how to make it hereĀ (and see it in use).

#7 Upcycled Material Alternative: Buying a Dog Snuffle Mat

If you are in a time crunch, buying a snuffle mat can be a great option as well. Buying a snuffle mat made of all upcycled materials allows you to feel more confident about the product you are buying! This is also machine washable if you are wondering how to clean a snuffle mat! Get yours here.

Did you find exactly what you needed? We know how important it is to find the perfect DIY snuffle mats for dogsĀ that suit you, your budget, and of course, your dog! Let us know if we’ve helped, and feel free to show us your creations.

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