They Rescued Farm Animals And This Kitten And Piglet Become Unlikely Friends!

By: Nathan Grant

Meet Laura and Marina. Laura is a beautiful little piglet, while Marina is a lovely kitten. The two babies were rescued when they were both having big life challenges. These two beautiful babies are on the list of the youngest residents at the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary, which is a refuge in Santiago, Chile for farm animals.

A Good Samaritan found Marina someone left the newborn to die on the street. She was brought to the sanctuary in terrible condition and her chances of her survival didn’t seem very high. However, her rescuers promised that they would do whatever they could in order to help her make it.


Just like Marina, Laura was in the same boat. She was born in a factory farm, but was not taken care of. As a result, she was on her last breath when she was taken and sent to the sanctuary for treatment. The sad part of the story is that her mother is still confined at the factory farm. Now, it’s up to the volunteers to take care of her needs.

No doubt the two animals have different backgrounds, but that doesn’t keep them from getting along with each other. You will be happy to know that Laura and Marina have developed a strong bond spending time together, which will hopefully make for a much brighter future for both of them!

At first, the babies were separated. When they starting feeling better, they were introduced to each other and quickly became friends!


While both of the babies experienced a rough start they, help each other to find peace to move forward in their lives. Besides, for us, they offer a proof that love can eliminate our differences helping us forget our bad experiences and help one another find true peace.

Posted by Santuario Igualdad Interespecie on Thursday, January 28, 2016

According to the sanctuary:

“Since her arrival, Laura has been treated with love and care that a baby deserves, and has formed a deep friendship with Marina the kitten, showing by example, that when it comes to relations of friendship and respect, no matter the species to which one belongs.”

You can’t find a better example of this than in Laura and Marina. They cuddle each other putting a blissful smile on our faces.

If you want to learn more about Laura and Marina and Santuario Lgualdad Interespecies, you can visit their Facebook page.

And if you want to donate the sanctuary, you can head for the donation page on their website.

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