Wounded Mother and Seven Puppies Free to Begin a New Life

By: Nathan Grant

On Long Island in New York, a family of eight started a new life. 

Amelia the dog was tied to a wooden dog house in a yard in Texas. Someone noted she was in heat and had given birth to many puppies. 

It was also noted that Amelia had a clear injury. Her left ear was torn and she was receiving no medical care.

Founder of A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, Cindy Droogmans, has worked to coordinate dog rescues from Texas. Many dogs like Amelia have suffered in overcrowded shelters. 

When a dog is in need, Droogmans’s Texas connections contact her. Droogman then works to do anything in her power to get the dogs to a local vet and bring them to Long Island. She then works to find their new forever homes. 

“When I received the pictures for help I noticed the one ear,” Droogmans said. Amelia, because she was tied up, could barely reach her own puppies to care for them. “Even when we were full house I could not leave this mommy with her seven puppies behind … Amelia was tied up on her ‘house’ in full heat with her puppies running around. It was pure horror for a mommy dog.”

Fortunately, Amelia’s owner surrendered her and her puppies – each and every one of them!

This week, the family of dogs arrived on Long Island and the search for forever homes has begun. 

Amelia’s puppies – Atishia, Angie, Amina, Aleria, Arrow, Aragon, and Arion – are likely to find homes quickly. 

Doogmans is working to make sure Amelia has a chance at a new life as well. 

“This girl deserves a much better life,” Droogmans said. “We are looking for a family who has a lot of love to give to her.”

If you are interested in giving Amelia a new life, fill out the application

Source: The Dodo

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