Mom Makes Cardboard Cutout of Family Dog for Son Going to College

By: Nathan Grant

Jake Ostrowski is a 19-year-old heading to Texas Tech University.  Going to college was his first long-term stay away from home. For Jake, it was hard to say goodbye to his dog.

To make the transition easier, Jake’s mom wanted to make a big reminder of their pup, Jesse, to take with him to college.

How did she do it?

A cardboard cutout!

Once Jake moved to college, his mom gave him a hand setting up…

…and helped put the cardboard cutout of Jesse right up on the wall!

Now Jake never has to be without Jesse!

Even with the cut out, Jake hopes to go home and see his favorite pup as often as he can.  The cardboard cutout helps – but it doesn’t totally do the trick!  Nothing can replace the real Jesse.

(h/t The Dodo)

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