Adorable Dog’s Horribly Matted Fur Makes It Hard to Walk

By: Nathan Grant

A shelter at the Bahamas Humane Society changed this dog's life with a new haircut.

Found as a stray in October 2017, Millie the dog was burdened with a matted coat. Her fur weighed her down so much, she found it difficult to walk and her skin was constantly tugged at.

Patricia Vazquez is a shelter volunteer and a board member that noticed Millie and knew she had to help.

Image Credit: Bahamas Humane Society

“She was in an extreme amount of pain but was so grateful,” Vazquez told The Dodo. “I could tell from the first time I met her that she was the most lovely dog.

At 3-years-old, Millie was finally without her matted fur. Without the extra fluff, it was clear Millie had been deprived of food for a while. She had injuries on her legs, likely caused by the knotted fur pulling at her skin.

Image Credit: Bahamas Humane Society

Within days of coming home with Vazquez, Millie became a new dog. She could walk without feeling weighed down, and she was growing stronger by the day.

Image Credit: Bahamas Humane Society

Of course, Millie also loved having a caring family.

“Everywhere I go, she follows me,” Vazquez said.

Image Credit: Patricia VazquezVazquez has a small animal rescue about three miles from her home. Millie always joins in head there to help care for neglected animals–from bunnies to goats to dogs and more.

While Millie is a rather tiny dog, she doesn’t let that stop her from making new friends at the Finca Nati Animal Sanctuary.

Image Credit: Patricia Vazquez

“All of the animals just love Millie,” Vazquez said. “She loves spending time at the sanctuary.”

Image Credit: Patricia Vazquez

One of Millie’s favorite activities? Cruising around in the golf cart with Maggie, her mastiff sister.

Image Credit: Patricia Vazquez

“Going on golf cart rides is one of her favorite things,” Vazquez said.

Image Credit: Patricia Vazquez

“She has so much fun. I show people the photos of her from before and they can’t believe it’s her. She loves life now.”

Source: The Dodo

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