Senior Dog Sees 375 Pets Get Adopted, and Still Needs a Home

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

At the beginning of October, Melony the senior dog was left behind by her family. The family moved away, and left their poor dog behind. On October 9th, Melony ended up at LifeLine Animal Project’s Fulton County Animal Services shelter.

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

On Thanksgiving weekend, many pets at the shelter looked to find their new homes during the holiday adoption event. Once the event occurred, 375 senior pets found homes.

Unfortunately, Melony was not one of them.

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

Those at LifeLine shelter felt that Melony struggled to “show well” to interested adopters. After two months at the shelter, she is feeling serious stress.

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

Between the stress of being at the shelter and the trauma of being abandoned, Melony is experiencing depression. This causes her to act timid, making her undesirable to potential adopters.

As people come to see the dogs at the shelter, Melony keeps to the back of her cage. She acts as though she knows no one wants to adopt her. Her hope is lost. Melony’s loving personality never gets the chance to shine through to the potential adopters.

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

Melony is actually very active for her age. Though seven years old, she spends lots of time outside. If a volunteer at the shelter approaches the cage with a leash, Melony gets excited to go outside and play. In fact, she has a signature “happy dance”!

She is house trained, quiet, and well-tempered. Melony interacts well with other dogs, and chooses to keep away from cats – unlike many younger puppies!

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

Once people get to know Melony, they fall in love with her. Her gentle ways and brilliance are hard to ignore. While she does not actively seek attention from potential adopters, she surely loves the attention when it comes!

When Melony finally gets her chance to be adopted, she will let her personality shine and cuddle endlessly.

While Melony has some fatty lumps, it is nothing unusual for an older dog. She could use a couple of joint supplements, but does not require any difficult medical treatment.

This dog is ready to to be a fun-loving, faithful friend to whoever is willing to give her a forever home.

Image Credits: Fulton County Animal Services

Are you interested in being Melony’s miracle this holiday season? If you   can give her a loving home, give Fulton County Animal Services a call at 404-613-0358. You can also email at Melony’s Pet ID is A488631!

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Last Updated Wednesday 7th December, 2016

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