Poodle Lost Her Sister and Grieves in the Sweetest Way

By: Nathan Grant

“Gracie was laying right on Brandy. She knew.”

Brandy, the Boxer, and Gracie, the Poodle, had been sisters for over ten years.

Two Peas in a Pod

The two were the best of friends and did everything together. They were quick to answer the door when you visited their family, the Housers. They shared a favorite pastime: begging for food. Although they weren’t the type to snuggle up with each other on the couch, you knew that they absolutely loved one another.

Source: Erik Houser

Brandy was a wonderful sister to little Gracie. She became Gracie’s protector when other dogs got a little too rough.

“Brandy was Gracie’s protector,” Erik Houser, their dad, told The Dodo. “One day, a big dog tried to jump on Gracie and Brandy was right there in between them, fur on her back standing up and everything. It’s like she said, ‘Hey, that’s my sissy — only I can do that.’”

The Sad News

Unfortunately, the Houser’s found out that Brandy’s cancer had spread. She had been battling it for quite some time.

Houser explained, “She originally had to have her ear removed due to a tumor, but then the cancer just spread like wildfire. Her body just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Source: Erik Houser

On Brandy’s last day, her entire family was there to support here – Gracie included. “Gracie was laying right on Brandy,” Houser said. “She knew.”

A few days after saying goodbye to their sweet pup, Houser came across one of Brandy’s favorite toys. The toy looked like a mini Brandy, so he decided to put Brandy’s old collar around its neck.

Shortly after, Gracie found the toy, brought it up onto the couch with her, and wrapped herself around it.

Source: Erik Houser

“I came into the room and that’s how I found her, holding onto that boxer toy,” Houser said. “I was crying. I couldn’t believe it.”

It must have been a heartbreaking sight. Gracie sure loved and missed her sister.

Source: Erik Houser

A Silver Lining

After some time, acquaintances of the family reached out and said they were looking to rehome their dog. They asked if the Housers would become her forever home, and of course, they obliged, believing this to be a sign from their dear Brandy.

Soon enough, the Houser’s new addition, Layla, a three-year-old Cane Corso became a part of the family. The hope is that Layla will help Gracie cope with her grief. That’s surely what Brandy would want.

Source: Erik Houser

“Rescuing another dog right now definitely wasn’t in our plans,” Houser said. “But I think she chose us.”

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and this rescue pup sure found the right place within this grieving home. Be sure to share this touching story with your loved ones!

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