Diego the Pit Bull Has More Cute Expressions Than You’ve Ever Seen!

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credits: Instagram @tuff_sausage

Many dogs have decently easy to interpret expressions. Dog moms and dads know that certain faces mean “Can I have some of that food?” or “Are we going outside?”. Diego the Pit Bull mix, however, brings facial expressions to a whole new level. He has some of the goofiest and sweetest expressions you have ever laid eyes on! In the midst of many breed specific legislation problems, this chocolate pit bull mix shows just how harmless a pit bull can be! Diego certainly does not meet any inaccurate stereotypes related to his breed.

  Everybody loves a warm hat!

 Time to smile for the camera! Wait – was I at a good angle?

 Woo! So much excitement.

 The holidays are truly a great time to relax…

 Did someone say relax?

 Diego has amazing strength and beauty.

 A gaze into the future…

 What an exciting birthday party! Surprise!

 Wow this party sure got crazy!

 Is that a pit bull in space?

 Who could say no to that face?

 Such a goofball. Diego shows how friendly and loving pit bulls are.

 Man what a rough day! I am so sleepy!

 Take a nap, Diego! All that excitement must make you very tired!


(h/t iHeartDogs)

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