Blind Dog Has a Hard Time Making Friends Until He Finally Meets His Perfect Match

By: Nathan Grant

“Being blind doesn't have to hold him back in any way.”

When Sarah Bowley brought Linguini home as a puppy, she did not realize that he was blind. Sarah and her family just assumed that any clumsiness or odd behavior was your typical puppy antics.

Good Friends are Hard to Find

When the family realized Linguini couldn’t see, they were shocked. He acted just like any other dog.

“Most people, including some vets, would never guess he’s blind as he’s so adaptive to his surroundings and intelligent in how he navigates the world,” Sarah told The Dodo. “He has never let it hold him back and does everything that our other dogs do. In fact, he may be the bravest one out of all of them!”

Linguini has no problem being blind. He is a pretty adaptable guy, very aware of his surroundings wherever he goes. On top of that, he is playful, social, and brave.

He loves meeting new people and dogs and is sure to show his excitement to everyone he meets. When he meets other dogs, he tends to come off a little too strong.

“He can’t see them and so when he finally realizes they’re there — he’s beside himself with excitement,” Sarah said to The Dodo. “I think it startles or surprises them when he’ll suddenly realize there’s a friend around and start jumping up on them and trying to play. Because he’s blind but also super energetic, he tends to just jump up with paws outstretched and I think it’s a little much for other dogs as a first encounter.”

Source: Sarah Bowley

Although Linguini is so eager to meet friends, his crazy energy often scares the other pups off.

One day, Sarah brought home a new member of the family, Future. Sarah explains that Future is a very sweet dog that is so in tune with the emotions of others. The family hoped that Future would be a good buddy for Linguini.

Fast Friends

As expected, Future and Linguini hit it off immediately!

Source: Sarah Bowley

Sarah told the Dodo, “They clicked right away and started playing like crazy; the way you’d expect puppies [to] play. This was amazing to see as I felt like Linguini never really got to play like this with other dogs as they always seemed a little uneasy around him or he was too energetic for them. Future, however, matched Linguini’s energy perfectly and it was like the two had always known each other.”
The two are inseparable. They love to play, play, play all day long. But of course, they love to cuddle up for an afternoon intermission on the couch. Sarah believes that Linguini has learned a lot from Future and that Future must know that Linguini is blind.

Source: Sarah Bowley

“Future seems to have an innate understanding of Linguini in a way other dogs don’t,” Sarah said. “You can tell when you’re around them that Future is aware that Linguini is blind but that he doesn’t really care — he just likes Linguini for Linguini. He plays with him just as rough as any other dog and will wait patiently for Linguini to find him once he’s initiated that he wants to play. This is by far the best thing for Linguini as he doesn’t see himself any differently and just wants to play like other puppies do.”

Source: Sarah Bowley

Linguini finally has a playmate that accepts him for who he is. Sometimes it just takes a little time to find the perfect match!

Source: Sarah Bowley

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