Adorable Bear Cub Rescued from Illegal Wildlife Trading

By: Nathan Grant

After the probable murder of her mother, 7-month-old bear cub named Sammy was found being sold illegally. If not found, Sammy would most likely have ended up trapped in a cage as a pet or sold for the purpose of eating.

Along the Lao-Vietnam border, there is a continuous issue of illegal wildlife trade. This trade is from southeastern Asia to China.

Sammy fortunately was rescued by wildlife authorities. They took Sammy from the illegal trafficking and called Lao Wildlife Rescue Center to help the bear cub. Sammy’s rescue became a very scary experience, as the weather was not on the rescue team’s side.

While it is not known how long Sammy had been on the illegal market, it  is known that she experienced a great deal of emotional turmoil. Fortunately, her physical health was okay. She had typical behaviors for a young cub, and showed a discomfort with human presence.

Once Sammy was to be brought back to the rescue center, the weather began to create challenge. Rather than being a one night, 870 mile journey, the trip took four days. The poor crew and cub were caught travelling through typhoon storms and severe flooding.

The group faced more than 58 hours of destroyed roads, flooded streets, and landslides. Roads were blocked and rough for travel. Sammy was a strong passenger that fortunately slept most of the journey, due to how tired she felt from what she had been experiencing before this.

The rescue team eventually made it back, and Sammy had a new home!

Luckily for Sammy, being trapped in a cage and sold to cruel individuals was no longer her future.

Sammy was able to explore around the rescue center. The center is surrounded by forest, allowing Sammy a natural place to adventure.

Sammy’s curiosity peaked as she sniffed all around.

Shrubs and plants were very intriguing!

Even after just a day, Sammy began getting cozy and enjoying her life.

Sammy will soon be able to live with the other rescued little bears, named Lucy and Missy.

Sammy will grow and flourish with her other bear friends. Together, they will all lead happy lives.

Now the bears can learn to live like they do in the wild!

(h/t The Dodo)

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