Five Young Children Rescue a Puppy off The Streets of Tanzania

By: Nathan Grant

“Because of their commitment to help Jack, I said, ‘Let me help.’”

In Arusha, a city in northern Tanzania, five young children, Goodluck, Casbert, Caren, Princes, and Kenny, were walking home from school. During their walk, they spot a puppy along the side of the road, dangerously close to oncoming traffic. They approached the puppy, and he immediately wagged his tail.

Source: Ismael Mungaya

The children scooped him up and decided to name him Jack. They noticed that he was filthy and very skinny.

They brought him home, only to be told by their parents that they did not need a dog. The children were upset but knew they would not completely abandon young Jack.

Source: Ismael Mungaya

Goodluck for Jack

They took him to a local dog shelter run by Ismael Mungaya. Mungaya’s shelter is very small and already had six rescued dogs living there, but he did not have the heart to turn them away.

Source: Ismael Mungaya

Mungaya told the Dodo, “The kids made me happy. Yes, it was difficult as I didn’t have a lot of space in the kennel, but because of their commitment to help Jack, I said, ‘Let me help.’”

Mungaya continused, “These kids showed amazing kindness and commitment. While the kids’ parents rejected Jack, the kids tried to do all they could to help Jack. I learned that love has no limits.”

Source: Ismael Mungaya

Mungaya took Jack in, planning to get Jack healthy, neutered, and vaccinated before finding him a new home, wherever that may be.

In the meantime, Jack is doing wonderfully at Mungaya’s shelter. He’s made friends with two other young puppies, Oreo and Daisy. He also gets frequent visits from his young saviors, Goodluck, Casbert, Caren, Princes, and Kenny.

To help Mungaya heal young Jack and others like him, please share and make a donation to Mungaya’s shelter on GoFundMe.

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