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Dog Mistreated for 8 Years is Finally Comfortable for Good

Lola was living a difficult life of cruelty for eight years.

Lola, a pit bull, was chained inside a garage. In the dingy, dark setting she was forced to lie on a concrete floor. No vets came to care for her, and she was never given any attention. Not once in her eight years was she allowed off of her chain.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Fortunately, a woman noticed Lola and called AMA Animal Rescue, an animal rescue organization from NY. Rescuers came to the scene and talked to Lola’s owner. After some discussion, Lola’s owner surrendered Lola to the rescuers!

Image Credit: The Dodo

After the life she had, rescuers expected Lola to be hostile and dangerous towards people. But instead, Lola was quite the opposite. Lola was loving and kind to the rescuers – with her tail wagging!

“We called her ‘wiggly butt,’” Michele Walsh told The Dodo. “She was wagging her cute little tail, super friendly, giving kisses and so happy to meet her rescuers. She let them take her off this chain, and they walked right out with her.”

Image Credit: The Dodo

Once rescued, Lola was brought to Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital. After looking at her, a few tumors needed to be removed. Once she was done with surgery, Lola was off to foster care in Manhattan with Charlene von Saher.

After seven weeks with von Saher, Lola is certainly embracing the comfortable lifestyle. She’s managed to find all soft and comfortable spots in the house.

From the couch….

Image Credit: The Dodo

To the bed…

Image Credit: The Dodo

To outdoor furniture.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Lola even took pillows off of the bed to put into the dog bed! “When I came home, her head was on it — she literally made herself a little bed in her bed with my pillow. It was like ‘The Princess and the Pea’ — I guess she liked having multiple cushions underneath her.”

Image Credit: The Dodo

Lola has even enjoyed laying across two beds…

Image Credit: The Dodo

And on top of two beds!

Image Credit: The Dodo

“I was out for a minute, and when I came back, Lola had moved the smaller bed on top of the other bed and put herself on top of it,” said von Saher. “It was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it when I came in.”

When the sun comes out, Lola loves to soak up the sunshine! After spending years in the dark, Lola loves being in the light.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Since being rescued, Lola has become a spoiled dog that loves life. Lola has shown von  Saher how important it is to relax.

Image Credit: The Dodo

“I think she looks better and better each day,” von Saher said. “They always say, ‘When you adopt a dog, you’re really saving two.’ That’s because you’re taking one, and you’re opening up a space for another dog to come into the shelter or the rescue group.”

Lola is loved by von Saher and is having a great life.

Source: The Dodo


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