Police Dog Shows Off His Impressive CPR Skills

By: Nathan Grant

When put to the test, Poncho, the police dog from Spain, passes with flying colors.

In a demonstration to a crowd, an officer falls to the ground and pretends to be unconscious and unresponsive. Poncho, a police dog of the Municipal Police of Madrid, sprints to the officer’s rescue, sporting a special harness with a flashing emergency light on his back.

Source: Twitter/Policía de Madrid

Poncho hops up and down on the officer’s chest repeatedly, stopping only to place his ear by the cop’s neck and mouth to listen for breathing. After only a moment of this, the crowd goes wild, giggling and cheering Poncho on.

Poncho continues his valiant efforts until the officer stands up. The officer praises Poncho’s great work with a treat.

Four Paws Up

The Municipal Police of Madrid shared a video of Poncho’s spectacular work in a tweet, claiming that Poncho “did not hesitate for an instant.” Of course, this impressive (and adorable) video has gone viral, racking up shares and likes around the world.

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