Man Travels with Wolfdog to the Most Beautiful Places in America

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credits: Loki the Wolfdog Facebook 

Kelly Lund and his wolfdog are best friends.

Image Credits: Loki the Wolfdog Facebook

Together, they take on the world through many adventures.

This dynamic duo hope to inspire other pet owners to explore the planet with their furry companions as well.

The memories made during travel are unbeatable.

Image Credits: Loki the Wolfdog Facebook

Kelly and Loki have been venturing across the United States since 2012, when Kelly took in Loki during a blizzard.

The pair have seen beautiful sights from all different parts of the country.

Kelly takes photos throughout their adventures, giving us a taste of the stunning beauty they see each day!

Kelly wishes to show the world how incredible it feels to be at one with the natural world.

The scenery is breathtaking, and the love shared between Kelly and Loki is heartwarming!

Check out these beautiful photos:

For more, check out Loki the Wolfdog's Gallery and Facebook!

To give back to the community, Kelly and Loki give donations from their profits to Canine Support Teams, Inc. and other organizations! See more on their website.

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