Woman Creates Miniature Room Just for Her Chihuahua Pup

By: Nathan Grant

Betty McCall loves her 4-year-old chihuahua, Poncho.

You have to meet Betty McCall, a retired teacher from Rochelle, Georgia, and her 4-year-old Chihuahua, Poncho.
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Betty’s nephew came to visit her over the holiday, and noticed a room under the stairs, very similar to the room in Harry Potter…

When McCall's nephew, Will Rigdon, went to visit her on Labor Day, he discovered a tiny, Harry Potter–style room she built underneath a flight of stairs, and posted the photos online.
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He realized the miniature room — outfitted with miniature funiture and miniature decor — was made for Poncho. Yes, the dog.
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Betty’s nephew realized it was a miniature room – for Poncho! The room had miniature furniture, including a bed and a dresser.

Originally, Betty had intended to use the space for Poncho’s crate. However, at a local thrift store there was an American Girl bed set. She realized she could make her precious pup the perfect little room!

McCall told BuzzFeed News she intended for the room to be used as just a dog crate when she built her house. But then she found an American Girl brass doll bed at a thrift store one day, and a lightbulb went off.
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Betty McCall’s family helped work on the room. Now it has a mini lamp, rug, antlers, wall art, and even a little sombrero!

After she moved in the tiny dresser, her sisters Gail and Carol got into it and made Poncho a tiny lamp, a tiny rug, tiny decorative antlers, AND A TINY SOMBRERO. Help.
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Did we mention there’s a miniature grand piano?

McCall sent BuzzFeed News photos of the other half of the room, which has a TINY GRAND PIANO IN THE CORNER.
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Poncho has never been a big fan of having company, and now he’s got his own place to hide away! He even likes to sleep in his room through the night.

Poncho "gets nervous and snippy" around company and loud noises, so he often escapes to his room. He even sleeps there at night.
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Check out her nephew’s original post!

(h/t Buzzfeed and PawMyGosh)

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