Widow Adopts Oldest Dog at Shelter and It’s The Sweetest Thing in the World

By: Nathan Grant

On August 10, Melani Andrews adopted a 12-year-old dog named Jake – and it is the sweetest thing you have ever seen!

When Andrews’ husband passed away last January, all she had was her dog. Come February, her dog Lola passed away as well. To have some company around, Andrews decided to get another dog. 

Image Credit: Front Street Animal Shelter

She headed to the Front Street Animal Shelter and inquired about “the longest resident they had at the shelter and the one that kept getting passed over”. The result? Jake!

Image Credit: Melani Andrews

Jake is a mixed breed dog with terminal cancer. He also has issues with his skin and teeth. Because of his health issues, many potential dog-owners never considered him. 

Image Credit: Melani Andrews

Jake’s cage read:

‘Hi, I am Jake and I have been around here for awhile now! ‘I am 12 years old. I am small and I hope someone will adopt me into their lovely family soon. I am a mellow guy and I would love your company.'”

“You could see he was a fighter and wanted to go to a home, something he missed,” Andrews said. Without hesitation, she took him home. 

Image Credit: Melani Andrews

Jake has become very happy with his new forever home. He loves to cuddle up in blankets and pillow cases at bed time. 

“He is so covered with sores you have to be careful of him,” Andrews said. “He’s so skinny and delicate that I’m afraid he might break his legs jumping down from the bed, so I help him off of it.”

Andrews knows she won’t have forever with Jake, so all the moments spent together are cherished. 

Image Credit: Melani Andrews

“He’s extremely friendly and already in guard mode for me,” she said. “He’s a love to be around. I hope his story means that a lot of dogs who get passed over get new homes.”

Image Credit: Melani Andrews

Thank you, Melani Andrews, for giving Jake a loving home to live out the rest of his days! 

Source: Buzzfeed 

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