Training Service Dog Sits for Caricature at Disneyland

By: Nathan Grant

Yahoo is on his way to becoming a service dog.

For some of his training, Yahoo was taken on a trip to Disneyland – as it provides the best socialization training a dog can get.

Image Credit: Twitter (@cutiechaser_)

With so much going on, a dog really has to practice obedience in order not to get distracted.

Image Credit: Jeanine Konopelski

To help him work on sitting still and being a very patient pup, Yahoo had his caricature drawn.

A couple saw this happening and could not keep such a cute moment to themselves.

Image Credit: Jeanine Konopelski

Canine Companions for Independence, where Yahoo comes from, is working to provide service dogs for disabled people at no cost.

The goal of the training is to have Yahoo opening doors, flipping light switches, and pulling wheelchairs by February 2017.

Check out what the internet had to say once they saw Yahoo at Disney:

(h/t Bored Panda)

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