This Is What Happens When You Replace Family Photos with Pictures of Your Dog!

By: Nathan Grant

Dixie the Chihuahua has become a member of the Hooper family. 

The love for Dixie is not only present in their hearts but also in photographs! When Marissa Hooper went to college, her parents no longer had kids in the house. 

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

Marissa thought the photos of her displayed on the mantle would help her parents when they missed her most, but her older sister had a better idea.

Why not see what happens when those pictures are switched out?

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

“One day my older sister, who has also moved out, and I were sitting on the couch wondering if my parents ever look at all the pictures to remember us when they miss us,” Marissa said to The Dodo.

“And I wondered, ‘If the pictures changed, would my parents even notice?'”

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

It was time to test out the idea – and Dixie was key to this plan. 

Marissa dressed the little chihuahua to match the original family photos. When no one was paying attention, she swapped out the pictures. 

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

“It took about two weeks for my mom to notice,” Marissa said, “which is hilarious to me; she runs a tight ship when it comes to keeping the house clean, and that means she obviously handled these pictures in the frames multiple times when she dusted and didn’t notice! I found that very amusing.”

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

Whenever Marissa’s parents noticed the photos were swapped, they put the original photo back in its place.

This was supposed to stop Marissa from her scheme – but it only encouraged her to keep doing it. It is too fun to stop, and Dixie enjoys it too!

Image Credit: Marissa Hooper

“Dixie is very accustomed to having her picture taken. Some even say she poses,” Marissa said. “She’s very laid-back and enjoys just spending time with us, whatever we may be doing.”

Even though the Hooper family has placed all photos back to the originals, the story of the Dixie replacements will live on for a long time! 

Source: The Dodo

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