Dachshund and Puppies Share The Most Adorable Family Photo-shoot

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credits: Fortitude Press

Family photos are always cute, but this dachshund family takes the cake for the cutest family photos in the world.

This beautiful mother and her six precious pups are sure to make you say “aw!”.

Image Credit: Fortitude Press

The little wiener puppies even have on a bunch of different colored hats as they snuggle up for their photos.

Image Credit: Fortitude Press

The babies slept soundly through their little photo-shoot. This little one couldn’t get more comfortable!

Image Credit: Fortitude Press

This dachshund mom has every reason to be proud of her happy family. Don’t you just want to cuddle with all of them?

Image Credit: Fortitude Press

(h/t Shareably)

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