Shelter Tries Using Tinder to Help Loving Dog Get Adopted

By: Nathan Grant

When this dog was struggling to get a family, a woman decided to try an unusual approach to get him adopted.

Miranda Morrison decided to give a dating app a try–for Henry the dog!

Henry was a stray as a puppy,and was picked up by Animal Ark Rescue in Georgia after being placed on the kill list at a county shelter.

With the use of Tinder, Morrison began finding ideal matches for Henry.

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

“We have a doggie dates program at the shelter where potential adopters can take a dog out on a little playdate to the park or wherever to help see their true personality,” Morrison told The Dodo. “The dates show people who the dog really is outside of the shelter, so I wanted to encourage local people to go on a date with Henry.”

Morrison’s profile for Henry even showed his “job” and education…

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

Once people began swiping right, Henry (with the help of Morrison) would send a message to the match asking for a date.

“He’s an amazing dog — super friendly, loves playing and cuddling,” Morrison said. “I would bring him on lunch breaks with me a lot and we’d just hang out together eating chicken nuggets. I fostered him for a while, too. Anyone would have been lucky to have him.”

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

As is the case for many humans, Henry could not get the dates he was looking for. His story, fortunately, went viral–drawing in many interested families!

Alexander Ognibene, a graduate student in Virgina, heard about Henry on the radio and just had to meet him!

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

“My older dog passed away last August,” Ognibene told The Dodo. “So when I heard about Henry, I just knew he was the dog for me. By his description alone, I knew.”

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

While the shelter was 11 hours away, Ognibene was prepared to make the trek. The pair bonded right from the start. Henry finally had a dad after three years without a family!

“I volunteer at animal shelters a lot, but Henry is my first official rescue dog,” Ognibene said. “I almost started crying when I saw him. His personality is just like my old dog who passed away.”

Image Credit: Animal Ark Rescue

Henry has only been home for a matter of days, but he is fitting right in with the family–which includes a 12-year-old Shih Tzu and a 9-month-old Corgi.

“He’s getting along with them greatly,” Ognibene added. “He’s playing very well with them and is really happy.”

Image Credit: Alexander Ognibene

While Morrison will miss having Henry at the shelter, she is thrilled he finally found a permanent home.

“He was my favorite dog at the shelter,” Morrison added. “I was a little upset to see him go, but I know he’s off to an amazing life.”

Source: The Dodo

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