Bertram the Pomeranian Looks Exactly Like Your Favorite Childhood Icon

By: Nathan Grant

He is ready for Halloween.

Just like many Insta-famous dogs, Bertram (Bertie for short) the Pomeranian seems to really enjoy dressing up. But Bertie’s Instagram fame wasn’t set in stone from the beginning. Poor Bertram was surrendered by breeders at just 5 months old because he was ‘too big.’

From Shelter Dog to Fashionista

Thankfully, Kathy Grayson, an artist in New York, scooped this guy up from the shelter. Now, Bertie is living the good life. He gets all spruced up and goes to work with Kathy at her art gallery every single day. Kathy dresses Bertie up in different outfits to help attract her gallery visitors into buying some art.

And we’re pretty sure this tactic works. After all, Bertie’s Instagram doesn’t have 221,000 followers for no reason! Bertie looks awfully cute in his many getups.

Paddington Bear’s Doppelganger

A viral favorite is his rendition of Paddington Bear. His outfit was complete with the iconic red hat and blue, duffle coat. He is ready for Halloween… or perhaps, the big screen!

The third Paddington live-action movie seems to be still in the works according to Ben Whishaw, the voice actor of the movie’s very own Paddington Bear. In an interview with Metro he said, “I would be up for one but I think Paul King, who is the writer and director and instrumental in making those films what they are, I think he quite rightly needs a break. A tremendous amount of work goes into those films. I’m not sure if it will happen, or if it does I’m not sure when it will happen.”

So in the meantime, we hope to enjoy more of Bertie’s rendition of the lovable, iconic character. Be sure to share his adorable pictures with loved ones to give them a good chuckle!

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