These Dogs Can’t Stop “Spying” On Their New Neighbor Just To Say Hi

By: Nathan Grant

“It was pretty comical to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just couldn't squeeze through.”

Over the course of the 13 years Charlie Weiss has lived in his home in Winterville, North Carolina, he rarely paid much attention to any of his neighbors. Of course, he was friendly and casual, but he never spent much time with them.

A New Neighbor

A year ago, a new woman moved in next door. Weiss was friendly but imagined, just as his previous relationships with his neighbors, that would be the gist of it.

Source: Charlie Weiss

One day, Weiss felt like he was being watched. He glanced around his yard but did not see anyone.

At one point, he looked down to find a furry snout and eyeball sticking out underneath his fence. His new neighbor’s German Shepherd mix was watching him.

Source: Charlie Weiss

Over time, the pup became an expected visitor. Whenever Weiss spent time on his porch, he would glance over to that same spot, and sure enough, the pup would be there, watching him. It was the norm.

Wait, What’s That?

One day, Weiss noticed that his neighbor had adopted a second dog. He was an adorable Pitbull mix but was a tad shy and needed to warm up to Weiss.

Weiss explained to The Dodo, “My deck looks over the fence, and when he first noticed me he would run up to the fence and bark at me. I figured he was probably just a little stressed from being in a new environment.”

Source: Charlie Weiss

Weiss greeted the new pup with friendly ‘hello’s and lo and behold, over time, the second dog began spying through the fence, too!

The nosy duo would check on Weiss often, listening for the sound of his front door opening.

“The German Shepherd loves affection. She always lays by the fence, sticks her snout under it and whimpers until I pet her,” Weiss told The Dodo. “The Pit usually doesn’t want to be pet, but he’s pretty funny because he’ll lick the fence and look at me through it the whole time I’m there.”

And Then There Were Three

To throw Weiss for another loop, one day, when he walked out into the yard, he spotted a new pup under the fence. This time, he saw the whole head and beady eyes of his visitor, an adorable black and white puppy.

Source: Charlie Weiss

It seemed that the puppy was eager to enter Weiss’ yard and was determined to make the hole under the fence bigger and bigger. The other two spies – of course – do not object to this great plan.

“They haven’t made it into my yard yet, but the puppy really tried,” Weiss said. “It was pretty comical to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just couldn’t squeeze through.”

Source: Charlie Weiss

Weiss has become accustomed to his very regular (and obvious) spies. He has snapped some pretty adorable pictures of their antics.

“I joke with a friend that one day I’m gonna show my neighbor those pictures and tell her, ‘Look, you had a good run, but they’ve made their decision. They’re mine now.’” Weiss goes on, “A lot of times I don’t even realize they’re there. I just turn around and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

Dogs are incredibly smart and loving creatures. We sure love to hear stories like this. Make sure to pass along to your loved ones to brighten their day!

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