Grandfather Has Amazing Time Babysitting His Granddog

By: Nathan Grant

Chance loves getting spoiled by his grandpa - and his mom just found out quite how spoiled he is!

Meghan Specksgoor, a resident of Midlothian, Virginia, lets her father dogsit her shepherd mix, Chance. She adopted chance two years ago, when he was two years old.

When Specksgoor left Chance with his grandpa one weekend, he decided to show his mom all of the fun he was having.

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor

The dynamic duo went on adventures, sending pictures to Specksgoor everywhere they went.

One day, Chance even went to the nail salon with his grandpa. They also went for a picnic in the park and to the ice cream shop for a tasty pupsicle.

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor


When the two were hungry again, they looked into getting takeout.

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor


Chance does not live too far from his grandpa’s home, and he wanted his mom to know he wanted to hang out there more often.

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor

The night before Specksgoor returned from her trip to New York City, she received a text of Chance snuggling in his grandpa’s bed. He looked like was having a great time!

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor


Specksgoor wasn’t too surprised about the updates from her father about Chance. She has been considering having human children sometime in the near future.

“I couldn’t stop laughing at the texts,” she told The Dodo. “He’s been begging me for a grandchild and I always respond that he will only get grandpups from me because I don’t want children right now. So this is how he jokes about not getting grandbabies.”

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor

While there are no human babies in the picture just yet, Chance made it clear he wouldn’t think of himself as any different!

“As funny as it was, it is also super comforting to know that my baby is being taken care of so well,” Specksgoor added. “He is literally my entire world.”

Image Credit: Meghan Specksgoor

Fortunately for Chance, not only his mom loves him so much!

“My dad lets him do whatever he wants and he gets so many snacks and treats when he’s there,” Specksgoor said. “Just like a real grandchild.”

Source: The Dodo

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